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The book revolves around two major concepts. Firstly, 2 little girls and their friends come together to help their friend who was devastated. It shows how powerful friendship and compassion are in one's life, especially for children. Secondly, pollution has almost become a part of our normal lives and people are ignorant about the waste piling up everywhere around them unaware or negligent of the harm it can cause. The setting of the book was inspired by schools in some parts of Nigeria where the children are not educated about the impacts of pollution. The story shows how important a clean environment is for nature and one's health. It also suggests how children are capable of doing great things and all they need is care and support. The book is a gentle reminder to the elders that, it is good to learn from children as they remind us of the values that we have somehow forgotten.
Book Categories: Compassion for Others, Education, Making a Difference, Teamwork and Collaboration, Value and Power of Friendship
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