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The kind words we are getting about our program make it all worth while!


education that inspires change

Matthew Panayotopoulos

Director of Learning – St Euphemia College, Bankstown

Witnessing the students at St Euphemia College thrive with passion and grit through the Changemakers project has been a career highlight. Upschool empowers students to have a huge impact on a local and global scale. Our students have demonstrated a great depth of empathy to research, discover and understand the inequalities that exist in education in third world countries. They have used their voice and hand to reach out to businesses, peers and politicians to promote awareness and support for the library project. More importantly, they’ve learnt how to make a difference for problems they see and hear in the world around them. I have seen our future event planners and entrepreneurs in both the lemonade stands and the bake sales. I have seen our future storytellers, authors, and politicians in the persuasive letters, emails, and phone calls. I have seen our future graphic designers, marketing experts and artists in their creative and persuasive designs. I have seen our future accountants as they have solved our budgeting issues. I have seen our future educators in the leadership they’ve shown to spread awareness to their peers and inspire change. Thank you Richard and Gavin for showing us the global standard for education”


Dianne Lovat

Teacher – Lower Plenty Primary School

“In only three months of working in partnership with Upschool, I am feeling more inspired to teach than I ever have in 18 years of education.

I love that I can see the children engaged in their learning with excitement and rather than me feeling like I am teaching to the curriculum, I feel like I am guiding their learning and merely providing them with the tools to acquire knowledge based on their interests.

Funnily enough, I am learning things I never knew along with the children.

Most importantly, above all, I can feel a sense of respect building between the children and myself, and that alone is a very powerful and beautiful feeling”.

world class educational experiences

Daniel Frew

Principal – Lower Plenty Primary School

“It has been a privilege for our children to be a part of initial Upschool program focussing on creating a Change-making Community. Our students have been engaged from the outset, and we have seen a measurable improvement in not only their literacy skills but also in their empathy towards others and their understanding of how to connect to community both locally and abroad. The resources that provided are outstanding and have kept our students motivated towards their goal”


Marisa Matthys

Principal – St Mary’s, Greensborough

St Mary’s is extremely proud to support Upschool.

Our students are so engaged and tell us how much they love the learning. Students have been wanting to work on their projects even during their break times because this learning is meaningful and empowers them to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. 

Parents have told us how excited their children are about Upschool.

The staff have commented on the engagement of the students and how it allows them to have ownership over their learning.

This type of learning aligns so beautifully with our school priority of Student Engagement and our goal to embed practices that provide students with authentic empowerment over their learning and wellbeing through agency, voice and leadership.
Thank you Upschool.

Brianna Witte

Director of “THRIVE” – Haileybury College

At Haileybury, we are committed to working with providers who are at the forefront of their fields. The work that Gavin and Richard are providing is exactly that; tailor made curriculum that actively contributes to the betterment of our students. I fully believe that the Upschool program will enable our students to develop real world, future ready skills and am excited for our continued partnership, and a chance to positively impact our global community”

global impact

David Pelosi

Principal – Box Hill North Primary School

Upschool is the dream of every principal, teacher, parent and ultimately, student. The opportunity to be involved in the initial stages is not only exciting, it’s essential to the potential of reshaping education. Our community is already buzzing with the promise of shifting from engagement to empowerment, using the voice and agency of young minds with the support of our community and beyond to make a positive difference”

More Kind Words...

We are humbled by the support we get from all of the people that participate in our programs

This is exactly the direction we want to take our school in. The concept is incredible. We are so excited to be one of the first schools to join you.

Principal, Melbourne

This ticks every box we are looking for. Real-world learning, student voice, student agency, creative and critical thinking, skill development, global citizenship. Children doing good in the world. And it's free!!

Principal, Melbourne

This is brilliant. I wish this was available when I went to school.

Entrepreneur, Melbourne

Wow. This sounds like the future of education. I am going to make it my business to get you in front of the ministers for education, sustainability and technology so they can hear about this project. I love it.

Politician, Victoria