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Hope lies behind the door of every classroom in the world. 
At Upschool, we’re redefining what happens in those classrooms.

Founding Team: Gavin McCormack & Richard Mills

(co-founders of Upschool.co)

It became clear very quickly that Gavin McCormack & Richard Mills were on similar life journeys. 

Gavin was the principal of Farmhouse Montessori School on the northern beaches in Sydney and Richard was running a unique digital agency that serviced the education sector called Digital Schools.

Both were on a mission though – and it was to create meaningful and lasting change in the world. To shape the hearts, minds and spirits of students, teachers and families and more broadly speaking, humanity. 

And when the vision was born on how to scale this shared mission, it made perfect sense to team up and get to work on building Upschool.  

Meet Gavin McCormack

(co-founder of Upschool.co)

Having written a series of books for both children and adults on education, researching and representing Sir Kenny Dalglish’s Life story as a rhyming picture book, running his own publishing firm, charity and being a school Principal, Gavin was nominated for Australian Principal of the Year 2020 and was also named as the 10th Most Influential Educator in the World by Linkedin.

On a quest for educational equality, Gavin has run hundreds of miles for charity to raise money to personally build schools, libraries and teacher training centres in the Himalayan region of Nepal, all this whilst successfully running one of Australia’s best Montessori primary schools.

Meet Richard Mills

(co-founder of Upschool.co)

“My life ambition is be aligned with truth, honesty and love. Through my work and personal relationships I want to inspire others to do the same, so together we can change our world for the better”.

Richard would describe Upschool as a culmination of his life’s work. He taught in schools for 9 years, has built and grown 5 companies in a range of fields and worked tirelessly toward building a life where he can make a positive difference in the world.

His curiosity now sits with how many people he can inspire to live a life of deep purpose. Upschool is Richard’s vehicle to explore this. 

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