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Changing the World Through Purposeful Education.

Inspirational Courses, Resources and Tools for Teachers, Parents and Learners, Everywhere.

Change Making Communities

Our 'why' is to create a kinder and more compassionate world. This underpins what we teach.

Real-World Learning Opportunities

We take 'real-world' to the next level by designing projects with 'real' outcomes.

Entrepreneurship With Purpose

We want to teach the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to operate with purpose and ethics.

Inspiring Creativity & Problem Solving

We inspire creative thinking and dynamic problem solving. These are the skills for tomorrow.

Skill Based Learning

From graphic design & film making through to creative writing and storytelling (and everything in between)

Team Players & Collaborators

Our projects bring children, teachers and communities together to work towards a common goal.


We're off to the Arctic!

… to create another amazing unit of work for the children of the world!

Follow our journey...

Live Events

We’re running live lessons and events every week on something interesting. See our full schedule and register for something that captures your interest today!

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Canva & Upschool

See how one of the most beautiful companies in the world – Canva – is supporting Upschool students and teachers to change the world, one stunning design at a time!

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Upschool - 'Find Your Magic'

Our mission is to build a system of education where all children can participate in meaningful and impactful educational opportunities that have real purpose and learn things that are inspirational and magical to them along the way.

Upschool exists to help all children across the globe ‘find their magic’.

Bringing the 'Real-World' to Education

Everyone understands the importance of offering children real world learning opportunities. We take things a step further though. Inside our platform is the tools to bring each child’s unique passions to life in the most meaningful way imaginable.

What the Students Are Saying

Featured Courses

More than 25,000 students across 100 countries are on Upschool.
Are you in?


Write a Book to Change the World


Be the Change


Build a Library. Change the World.


It Starts With You

We're experienced change makers!

Our team has built many schools and libraries in the sub-continent and we have full time staff on the ground in the regions we operate in to manage these projects through to a successful completion. 

Some of our Collaborators

We are so proud that

Students from over 100 countries are learning with upschool.

Move your mouse over the map below to see which countries are learning with us (shaded pink). 

Tap the countries on the map below to see which countries are learning with us (shaded pink). 

100% Free Education.

We believe every child on the planet should have access to a quality education, and wherever possible, education should be free. Our mission is to bring both of these realities to life.

Entrepreneurship With Purpose.

Within our platform are opportunities for students to learn real entrepreneurship skills that have real impact. We provide the support for students to take their product or idea to market so that they can generate real income for their school community and other causes they care about. We think that’s pretty unreal!

What the Educators Are Saying