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Mohd Khaja
The Brave Little Turtle
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United Arab Emirates
"The Brave Little Turtle" is a heartwarming tale of Tommy, a curious and adventurous young turtle who dreams of being brave. Eager to prove his courage, he leads his friends into the treacherous Coral Caves, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. Lost and scared, Tommy realizes his mistake and apologizes to his friends. Together, they learn the true meaning of bravery - not recklessness, but responsible decision-making and supporting one another. Through teamwork and determination, they emerge from the darkness, stronger and wiser. Tommy's journey inspires young readers to embrace their unique qualities, take responsibility for their actions, and cherish the power of friendship on life's adventures
Book Categories: Bravery and Courage, Empathy, Friendships, Teamwork and Collaboration, Value and Power of Friendship
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