How Humans Have Changed the Planet

How can we ensure the health of our planet for generations to come?

Being mindful of how our actions and habits impact the Earth is so important when it comes to preventing climate change! Many of our society’s familiar practices can actually be bad for our planet, from the building of dams and mines, to the growth of cities and agriculture. Many of these activities can disrupt our natural habitats and harm our planet’s precious wildlife.

What can we do to ensure a healthy balance between human activity and the natural world? Luckily, there are many sustainable alternatives, such as turning to eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances. However, we need more people to adopt these alternatives in order to protect our planet from further damage, and that starts with spreading the world!

Download the presentation below to start teaching your students about human impacts on the environment. By making them aware of our individual responsibility to protect the planet, we hope to empower them to be the change needed for a better future!

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