Two Degrees of Global Warming: What it Means for the Earth

When the temperature rises by 2°C, we may not feel much of a difference. However, for average temperatures over time, this seemingly small change matters a lot for our planet!

Did you know that with an increase in temperature of just two degrees, 99% of our coral reefs will decline? Or that more than 400 million people will be forced to live without adequate water?

Why do these worrisome effects, and many more, occur with “just” an increase of 2°C? When average temperatures shift by even a small amount, this means that we are more likely to experience temperature extremes! This is why it is so important to advocate for climate-positive change to prevent the Earth from reaching this critical threshold. In order to reach this goal, we must all work together to help protect our planet.

Consult the resource below to gain a better understanding of why it is so important that we work towards preventing global warming from reaching 2°C.

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