All About Me

Title: All About Me
Age Group:
(6-9), (9-12), (12-15)
Subject / Topic:
English, (writing, reading, speaking and listening), Global Citizenship, History, Geography
Real World Application:
Related Upschool Courses:
Be the Change!
This resource is a template for student biographies. The concept behind this activity is that children will start to analyse and think about who they are and what matters to them.

Following this activity, you may wish to display all of the task cards on one collective display board and make connections using pieces of string to show where people think the same with regard to the past, the present and the future. This will demonstrate to your class that we are all one community and connected in some way or another. See Resource – The Wall of Connection.

Real-World Application: The children can use this task card to further re-enforce that we all have things in common. The children may wish to use this card as an investigation into the similarities between children in the class and school. This activity will build a sense of community and acceptance, as they understand that even though we are all so different, we are very much alike.

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