The Wall of Connection

Title: The Wall of Connection
Age Group:
(6-9), (9-12), (12-15), (15+)
Subject / Topic:
English, (writing, reading, speaking and listening), Global Citizenship, Geography
Real World Application:
Related Upschool Courses:
Be the Change!
This resource is about making connections and similarities between students in your class.

Once all of the task cards are on the wall (see lesson ‘All About Me’), the students will be given some string and a pair of scissors. They will then find similarities between their task card and other people’s test cards around the room and they will draw connections between the two, building a huge web of connections between all of the students in the class, and thus demonstrating that we are all very similar, although unique at the same time.

Real-World Application: One of the hardest things in schools is building a sense of collective responsibility and equality among the students. The wall of connection acts as a demonstration that the school is made up of lots of very unique individuals, who all have things in common. This activity allows for a visual representation of this concept to take shape in your school.

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