Painting Pillars for Change

A dedicated group of students at the RISSE Xperiential School in Maharastra, a state in North Western India, are taking local change to the next level!

After attending a live lesson on Designing a Poster to Change the World presented by Upschool’s Gavin McCormack – they were inspired to go one step further.

“We had a brainstorming session with the students, as to what they would like to do to make an impact and take this poster making session further”. RISSE Principal Meghaa Ahuja said.

The students came up with different ideas, and they decided on the painting of the pillars, “because it would stay forever”.

“Their messages will be visible to parents, other students, teachers and visitors to our school for years to come”, Principal Ahuja explained.

RISSE Xperiential School truly understands the importance of empowering children and allowing them to explore all of their ideas, even if they may be from left field!

Upschool teacher Gavin McCormack was elated with the students action taking.

“I’m feeling blessed to do this kind of work, it makes me so happy”, was his response to learning of the project.

“Small actions like this will have a big impact tomorrow”, he said.

We asked Mrs Ahuja what is next?

“We are so happy to raise students who will make this world a better place”, Mrs Ahuja said.

“They feel proud that their art work is leaving an impression on the minds of children from other grades, parents and visitors”

“Other students are finding a wall in their community to paint. They don’t want to stop and are using painting as a means to spread awareness and make a difference”.

“They feel empowered and confident that their actions can make an impact”.

Well done, RISSE Xperiential School, you truly are a team of Change Makers!