New Library Application

This library will be installed in your school community FREE OF CHARGE.
Submit your application below.

The free library that your school will receive

The library will be a converted shipping container similar to the pictures above. It will be transported to your community and installed on site. The library will be full of books and other teaching resources. 

The funds will be raised by children and families from another school with the assistance of the team at Upschool.

Please watch this short video from Gavin McCormack & Richard Mills discussing the process for submitting an application for a new library.

Application Process for a Free New Library

If your school is under-resourced and in need of a new library, please apply below. 

Criteria for filling out the form:

1. You must work at the school and have the permission of the head of the school (i.e. the principal) to apply
2. You must upload up to 3 photos of your school at the end of the form so we can see your school.
3. Your school must be under-resourced and in need of the library

If your application is successful, we will be in contact with you to discuss the next steps in the process.

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We are currently taking a small number of very lucky schools through our 1st launch round and we are documenting the journey (on film). Be the first to see the results of this and also hear about our upcoming Round 2 launch.

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