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Write a Book to Change the World.

100% Free Course

This course is heavily aligned with SDG4 – Quality Education

A beautiful program for empowering children to make a meaningful and tangible impact on a global scale.

* This unit is open to anyone who wants to write and publish their own children’s book – regardless of where you are located on planet earth!

What is in the course?

The writing focus for this 10-week unit is narratives. Children will understand the structure of a narrative and will understand the various components that make a perfect story structure. They will explore the main events, the characters, the setting, and the overall moral of the story. The children will deepen their understanding of grammatical features such as personifications, metaphors, and similes. The conclusion to the unit will be a well-rounded, detailed narrative that will have the correct structure, depth, fluency, but more importantly, an impact on everyone who reads it.

The program will assist teachers in the delivery of core writing components, the understanding of the inferential meaning and the creative design involved in illustrating a picture book. The guide is split up into ten learning sequences that are directly linked to key focus areas. Towards the latter part of the program, the children get to use their creative design skills to illustrate their own picture book before publication.

As an addition to having the digital copy, children will have the opportunity to purchase a printed copy of their book (or anyone else’s book) and our print partners will deliver it to their doorstep – wherever they are on earth! A percentage of proceeds from every sale will fund a meaningful project somewhere in the world.

This is our way of empowering children to ‘write a book to change the world!’

See you in the course!


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