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It Starts With You!

"It Starts With You" is launching on October 10th, 2022

It Starts With You reimagines education, where key learning outcomes can be achieved through interacting with the natural world in a faraway place.

Imagine receiving your lessons online, direct from the Arctic, guided by world renowned teacher, Gavin McCormack, and witnessing the changes occurring in our planet first-hand.

Over 10-weeks, Upschool invites you to take a self-paced journey to the Arctic where adventure and quality education with purpose and intention awaits. Where the challenges of Climate Change can be overcome through participating in meaningful learning and activities designed to make the world a better place.

Over the course, we will release content for each learning sequence 1-week-in-advance, and communicate its release to you 1-week-prior. This will be further supported by weekly live lessons and other resources and collaborations yet to be announced.

The course contains differentiated tasks for your students, videos for parents, teachers, and students as well as resources that assist in the delivery of this course throughout your entire community. Small actions in a local setting can collectively create huge changes in our world for the better.

We are so excited to have you onboard! Please check your emails or this website for future updates.
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