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The Burden of Algal Blooms
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This is a short story based on the UN SDG Goal No. 14 Life Below Water. The story revolves around a young man who daily on his jog sees an elderly woman named Mrs. Carol. She is always by the lake with a cage beside her that has four turtles. The man is quite curious about what she is doing with them. His inquisitiveness led to him having a conversation with her. He gets to know that she is rubbing and removing all the algae and scum on their shells which prevents them from swimming. She considers this her unique way of making a difference. The man is quite wonderstruck and confused as to how exactly it's making a difference as turtles all around the world have algae stuck on their shells. He researches further about this issue and works with Mrs. Carol to help find a solution to this global crisis. This is the story of their journey!
Book Categories: Hard Work, Hope for The Future, Loyalty and Dedication, Making a Difference, Teamwork and Collaboration
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