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My Idol
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'My Idol' tells the story of a teenager named Ria who wishes to become an idol, just like her role model Anya. She eventually gets a chance to work with Anya and learns that she usually remains grouchy, upset and angry. She feels the need to help her idol and befriends her. She also gets to know that Anya hasn't been on good terms with her father since he wanted her to become a doctor, but Anya chose to follow her own path. Ria gets an opportunity to perform alongside Anya at a concert. During their performance, Anya sees her own father attending her concert. She has a tearful reunion with him as he promises to support her dreams. After their concert, Anya gets to know that the one who reunited her with her father was none other than her true friend - Ria. It shows Ria's thoughtfulness, compassion and the will to succeed.
Book Categories: Compassion for Others, Family, Kindness, Perseverance and Persistence, Value and Power of Friendship
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