Values for a Better Tomorrow

Making the world a better place starts right here in the classroom!

From kindness, to honesty, to responsibility, and more, there are so many character traits that we cannot appreciate merely from someone’s outward appearance. This is why it is so important to develop positive behaviors. One small act of kindness is enough to make a person’s day!

One great way to encourage good character traits is to have students reflect on the actions that they feel good doing or observing, and to also pay attention to the behaviors of the people that they look up to. Use the drawing activities in the lesson plan below to have them brainstorm ways to put these character traits into action. By encouraging students to be the change they wish to see, we can start to build a world that is better for future generations to come!

Download the lesson below to help your students learn the importance of developing good character traits. Use the quiz at the end of the lesson to test their abilities to identify how these values are present in everyday acts of kindness.

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