How to Organise a News Team

Organising a school newspaper is an excellent way to get not only your fellow peers, but also your whole community, more involved and connected! Going out into your school or neighborhood to find material to write about is a wonderful opportunity to get to know more people in your community, while also keeping everyone else in your community more informed about local events. Creating a school paper will also allow you to advance your writing and storytelling skills!

Having a school newspaper is also a great chance for you to practice your delegation skills. A successful newspaper will require a team of multiple students, who are each given different tasks to complete for the paper. Delegating different sections of the paper to each student will allow you to practice working on a team towards a common goal, despite carrying out different tasks. Some examples of different positions you may want to include are Chief Editor, Designer, Community News Writer, Sports Writer, Opinion/Interview Columnist, and many more!

Get started on organising your own news team today with the help of the guide below!

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