Getting to Know each Other Game

Title: Getting to know each other
Age Group:
(3-6), (6-9), (9-12), (12-15), (15+)
Subject / Topic:
English, (reading, speaking and listening)
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Description: This activity is designed to break down the barriers to communication and build confidence among the students. Share one sheet within a group. Students cut each tile out and turn over the tiles one at a time. Once a tile is turned, the children will ask the questions at random around to see if they can better understand the people within their group. This will help build a sense of camaraderie and team spirit, which will help them to achieve their goals.

Real-World Application – Once your children have used the game to better understand their peers. They are requested to make a new version of their own. Ask the children to create their very own game using different questions and then use it to bring another cohort of children together and show them how to understand each other much better. The children can use this as an example, but must make their very own version with a unique design and questions to match!

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