Geology Scavenger Hunt

Instilling a deep appreciation for the Earth and its natural wonders is so important when making a plan to save the world! By making it a priority to notice the natural beauty that surrounds us, we can develop a greater respect for our planet. This can motivate us to develop more eco-friendly practices in our daily lives in order to protect our planet from further climate change.

What better way to develop this appreciation than by going out and exploring the nature that already surrounds us? A scavenger hunt in your local area is a great start when it comes to building a meaningful connection between ourselves and the natural world. Since it often goes unnoticed, it is especially important to develop an appreciation for our natural landforms and rocks that serve as a home to our favorite plants and animals. From marshes, to mountains, to caves, there are so many diverse habitats that our planet’s creatures call home.

Use the geology scavenger hunt below to start building a meaningful connection today with the nature that surrounds us!

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