Can you send a letter around the world in 9 weeks?

Title: Letter around the world!
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(3-6), (6-9), (9-12), (12-15), (15+)
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Be the Change!
This resource will help children to understand how possible it is that they can contact anybody, in any location around the world. This is a challenge to send a letter all the way around the world, visiting a minimum of seven countries.

The first objective is to find somebody that you know who lives in another country and send them a letter. In the body of that letter, you must tell them that they need to send the letter on to another person in another country, and so on and so forth. You have nine weeks for your letter to visit seven countries and then arrived back at your school. To prove that your letter has visited seven countries in the envelope at the very end, there must be a memento from each of the countries it has visited. You’ll need a stamp and envelope and a very clear letter explaining exactly what needs to happen each and every time somebody receives the letter. You will also need a return address, which will be your school address.

This exercise will demonstrate to our students that nobody is out of the realm of possibility when deciding who to contact regarding global initiatives such as the one we’re about to undertake right now.

Real-World Application: It is not very often that we allow our children to explore the entire planet. This activity allows your children to think big. The children will attempt to send a letter around the world, finally arriving at the very place it began and thus, allowing the children to understand that literally anything is possible. This activity is what we call ‘Big Work.’

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